What I’ve been working on so far…

Hi my fellow readers,
Here’s a little summary of the projects i’ve been working on lately…
Algoritms&Programming 2 Homework :: OpenCV Character Position Detection :
With OpenCV’s built-in Computer Vision Functions it has been very easy to develop a character position detection application.
Here is a screenshot from the application i made.

Algoritms&Programming 2 Homework :: OpenGL 2D Drawing & Mouse Input Handling with GLUT
Last week we were asked to make a simple application , using OpenGL & GLUT , that draws a 2d house and movable circle onto the screen.But that’s no fun for a real programmer.So i decided to make it a little bit fancy.Here what i’ve done.
I made a movable head instead of a circle and added hair.And i implemented a relation between hairs & mouse movement.If mouse moves more than a pixel at a render cycle.It calculates the projection of mouse movement on X & Y axis’ and uses those values to create a wind like effect on hairs.
I also implemented a relation between movement of the head and orientation of grasses.I also used the distance value , between head and each grass , which is already calculated to set color the color of each individual grass.As you move head closer to lawn it brights up the grasses with inverse propotional relation between h labelled distance and Green color value of the grasses.
Personal Interest :: Comet Programming with ORBITED & TWISTED

This Comet Programming Thingy took a whole day to implement.It’a very very new concept and as it is new the documents are too few.Nevertheless it worth the time spent.Here in the screenshot below.Whenever i move the circle in one of the windows.It automatically re-sends the position data to server.Well that’s not the comet part.The comet part is each other client gets the position as the position data on the server changes without the request of client but by a trigger from server.Anyway let’s not bore you with the pure technical detail.Here you can also see orbited server running…
Freelance Web Development :: PHP CMS Development for Social Sciences Department of Sakarya University
I started this project two months ago i guess.It’s in the testing process now and going to be open to public very soon.

Freelance Web Application Development :: VirtualGAP
Well…It has been 8 months that i’m working on this project.It is a big big project including HighLevel Javascript Programming + PHP + Server-Side Software development.It’s tiring but it’s not boring cause i know when it’s done it’s gonna be something new.
( No Detailed Info. will be given about this one as it’s still in the W.I.P.)

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