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Hi my fellow readers ,
It has been a long long time… I just wanted to sum up what i have been up to lately…
I have been pretty busy with a big web-app project based mainly on javascript.I am also working on some other web programming projects. As i spent months of coding with javascript – with the help of jQuery – and PHP , i can barely tell the only limit is imagination from now on :) :P and the capabilities of the browser off-course :D

Well… off course i didn’t spend all my time on web-development , i have been studying OpenCV with OReilly’s book called ‘Learning OpenCV’. It’s a quite complicated library but it’s still the simpliest way to do Computer Vision. But with the entertaining and creative apps & softwares that are made possible with Computer Vision technology , i dont care how hard or how much of time consuming it is.

As i was a python programmer since the first days of high school. I needed to study on C++ and C# languages as a part of my education at university.Those didnt take any time long to understand the main fundamentals as i had familiarity with C programming language on Arduino and so-called Lite-C language on Acknex Game Engine that i used to use for making simple 3d fun games back in the first year of high school.
In the other hand i spent comparably a little bit of more amount of time Understanding the Pointers.
To test my skills in C++ , i choosed to use the companion of Irrlicht game engine to have fun while doing C++ tests. I made a simple 2d game that you can add elliptic masses that attract each other as in the gravitation. I had also done this same exact game last year with python & pygame. So i used the same exact gravitation algorithm. What i needed to was to implement the python code snippet into c++.So i worked that out.Here below you can see a screenshot of the result.It is quite fun but this game needs a purpose to achieve doesnt it :D anyway it may come up soon.

There you see values on the center of each mass.Those were going to be electrical charge of the mass. So masses were going to be atoms and the attraction was going to be by electrical charge and there was going to be electrical charge transference between atoms.But as i finished testing my c++ skills i just left it that way as i was busy with some web-development projects.

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  1. Wayne

    OpenCV is a great library – I was using the Python OpenCV library to try and do something along the lines of this one but University studies also keep me busy.

    An interesting game working with gravitational physics is Slingshot. You should check it out – it might give you some ideas about what you could do with your gravitation program.

  2. admin Post author

    i just watched the video demo. of the work you done with OpenCV. Very nice project, Congrats =) i’m thinking about making a RTS game with the combination of OpenCV & OpenGL. I’m going to use OpenCV to detect objects on a flat surface. So the positions of those detected objects will be linked to 3D models rendered on the screen and so on. I guess it would be fun to play. But im not sure when i can have enough of free time to get all that done :/ i’m quite busy lately on some freelance webprojects.

    Btw i checked out that Slingshot game it looks great =) . It has always been fun to program games involving physical laws as it is entertaining visuals.


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