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After A Long Time… My Website is online again

My website was offline for a long time why it was moving to another server.Now it’s faster than it’s old condition.

Anyway… i’ll share my daily reviews on technology news and my project on this blog.But now i’m working on design of the website.When i finish the desing of the page  i’ll keep creating new projects , new ideas and new apps. for make your phones funnier.

AlertMe 2.0 : Password Protection Added!

You know alertme was not enough protective withouth password protection.
And in this version i added a password protection ability to alertme

in this version:

i put another alert sound instead of old one.because old one’s size was so big.
Background Changed.
and i put all setting buttons together under settings menu.
default password is “0”

AlertMe 1.5 Beta is ready to downloads!

After the first version, today i make a new version by the user suggestions.Most of bugs fixed

Bugs Fixed:

  • Background size fixed
  • Exit button fixed.Both of exit buttons are working fine now.
  • New setting added:Now we’re able to set the reaction time to start button


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