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Self-Balancing Robot First Step:The Interaction

Here is the first step in making of Self Balancing Robot. In this step i worked on Bluetooth & Serial Communication.
Communication scheme:
N95 (Bluetooth)—> PC —–( Serial)—-> Arduino
I used the same motor driver shield which i already made back in Narduino Project.
If you havent heard about Narduino Shield and its simple design done on veroboard click here to see it and its circuit diagram.
After the Narduino shield properly connected to motor wires and the supply connection ,  it is time to talk about coding…
Here below , i shared all the codes used in the project.
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N97 Vs. Iphone

Can We Really Call Them Multi-Media Computer?

Both Have Got Pros. And Cons.

Hi everybody,
Today i wanted to talk about the issue between n97 and iphone.You know after iphone came up to the scene , It brought a new era to phones’ within.

There was touch-screen phones before iphone too.But none of them could reach the success of iphone.
But why iphone could succeed this kinda success.Iphone’s success comes from its apis and its appearance.Iphone has nice design and its screen size was suitably big to its outer frame.Within this it’s OS is so powerful on mixing music.That’s why we can call it music.

Iphone is not only  a music player within being music player it has lots of app. to make music.And the reason that makes it a music phone is not just induced by it’s OS’s capability on music.It’s music abilities also supported with multi-touch screen.Multi-touch screen lets developers to developer highly interactive apps. like realistic music instruments.
But what about Symbian side?
Yes that’s true symbian developed lots of phones that is poerful on playing music with eq. , stereo capabilities.But there is no apps. on making or mixing the music.I researched on this issue.Yes there was almost no app. to make or mix. music.
Then i looked into nokia’s developers website. there is nobody talking about this kinda music mixing apps.And there is no tutorial about music mixing apis.So this means symbian is not enough powerful on music indeed.
There is an upcoming symbian phone called N97.It has non-multitouch screen.So we wont be even able to fun with the music.Then i wondered why nokia is not producing multi-touch phones.Therefore i write a couple of topics at symbian forums.It seems there is disadvantages and advantage of multi-touch phones.
Multi-touch phones arent worked with stylus.So that means drawing apps. wont be possible on multi-touch phones.And also while browsing webpages you will have to zoom into the link in order to tap to the correct link otherwise it’s possible to tap onto that tiny hyperlinks.
Also nonmulti-touch phones are capable to work with one finger.
As a conclusion,There is cons and pros at both of them.We will need to wait until they develop a phone with is capable with both of these technologies.Stylus and multi-touch in one phone.

But in according to me , i wont buy any other smartphone.Because their costs are even more expensive than a notebook.And netbooks are cheaper than smartphones.I will buy a touch-screen netbook next time instead of a new smartphone.

AlertMe 1.1

Few days ago i decided to make an app. like nalertme because i get bored of waiting samir to release it.And today my project’s finished.It’s even announced in symbian-freak.com on the homepage in news.

AlertMe is a mobile python app. to protect your phone from thiefs.With this app. you can set your phone to a constant position.Then when you press start button app. starts to protect your phone from thiefs by alarming.

When somebody or a thief try to move your phone app. will immediately alert with a loud sound.

Download(Alertme 1.1)

Download Python 1.4.4

Download MMPACK 1.51

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