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My Arduino DIY Shields

Hi everybody,
Here is a photo of my homemade shields for arduino.
Upper-Left:Narduino2.0 – L298 Motor Driver Shield
Upper-Right: MIDI Controller with 3 LEDs for feedback
Lower-Left:Narduino1.0 -Same Functionality with Narduino2.0 except Veroboard.
Lower-Right: IR-Liqard – Data Monitoring Shield with IR receiver.

visit my flickr page for closer photos.

MIDI Controller Shield is the latest one i made.I used to play with FLStudio just for fun and i thought it would be fun to control pitch , modulator and volume controls with potentiometers. I used LoopBe1 and S2MIDI softwares to convert incoming serial data to a virtual midi port. I recorded a video demo. of the MIDI controller.I’ll upload it asap.

Arduino Duemilanove

hi everybody,

It’s been a long time that i haven’t write anything.Therefore i’ve got a lot to blog about.

First of all.Last week i bought a Arduino.It is secondhand and handmade but it is working perfectly.And it was pretty cheap when compared with the others.It cost me 20bucks except the expenses of the electronic stuff(breadbords etc.)

I’ve already done lots of things.For instance controlling servos, knight rider leds , noise maker and a midi player.I recorded a video to show noise maker and midi player.

Click Here To watch The Video Of Noise Maker

Click Here To watch The Video Of Midi Player

Sorry about the pronounciation mistakes.These are my first videos that im speaking in english.

I’ll record and upload videos about knight rider leds and servo controller soon.

By The Way , Now you can follow me on twitter.Usually i share the links about my projects there before posting here.


And i may not be online as much as i was before.Because my parents packed up my computer.(i hope the verb “packed up” is correct verb for here.:D anyway) . Because i’ve lots of exams to study and computer is wasting my time to much.I know it does but i cant help it.All of my hobbies are related to computer and tech.

But you know i’ve got a wifi-supported phone.So i may be online sometimes via neighbours’ unsecured wifi’s.