NarDuino 2.0 !!

Hi my fellow readers,
Today, i’ve been working on re-building my NarDuino car project all day . So why am i rebuilding it?. Because i decided to rebuild the motor driver ,that i’ve used on narduino, onto a veroboard so i can use it later on other motor controlling involved projects. It has been quite an hard thing to do since i have no experience at soldering at all. But i just started and finished it.

2 thoughts on “NarDuino 2.0 !!

  1. Adit

    Yey!! Thanks man I followed your schema and your programming code and succeeded!

    Do you know how to control with Arduino + L298N a stepper motor?

    BTW as soon as i’ll have some time i’d like to post a fritzing file example to help others also.

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