OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

Hi everybody,
Lately i’ve been spending my spare times to build an homemade bluetooth wristwatch.I’ve used Nokia 6610 LCD for display, Bluesmirf GOLD for the bluetooth and Arduino Mini Pro for the processing.
I just finished most of the soldering & electronics part yesterday… Only one thing left on the electronics part and that is adding some buttons onto the watch.
I’ve written a bluetooth client application for N900(Maemo5). But it still needs some improvement on User Interface. So to speak back-end for N900 is done..
Today i made a simple Graphical User Interface for the watch and i recorded a video to introduce User Interface.

More Photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/mclightning/

You may ask why innoWatch… You know i’m on a transition to a new site and a new domain name : innovoid.com .The new site is still under-construction but im going to move to the new site very soon. So the “inno” as in innovoid and.

Project renamed to OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

8 thoughts on “OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

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  3. Matt


    Saw your article on hack a day. You won’t believe it, but I’m in the process of building almost the same thing with almost the same parts list!

    The main application I’m working on for mine is a feature that will cause the watch to notify me whenever it loses contact with my phone (Android). That way I will never leave my phone behind at a restaurant, when I leave for work, etc.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. yogesh bansal

    good work but can you please help me out by telling how you have made it. I am doing engineering and new to these things and i want to submit my project on this. please mail me as soon as possible on lovingjanu1709@gmail.com


    hiii,As you have made bluetooth client application for N900(Maemo5) ,so i would like to download this application as i am using nokia N900(Maemo5) and i have also an arduino board. so would love to do this project at my home

    my E-MAIL add : akhaniajay@gmail.com

  6. Chris

    Very cool project and nice work.

    I am trying to use Spp bluetooth module to controll things with windows phone 7.5
    but i did not find a solution for this but i have downloadet your app on marketplace …

    How you are have solft this is it possible to get the code for the wp7 app??
    This will be awesome..

    Chris from Austria


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