Google DevFest Istanbul 2011

Hi everybody,

I was at Google Chrome DevFest today, it was great in a lot of way , it has been very educating and entertaining in the same time. We’ve been introduced to some of the amazing – yet beta – features of chrome browser. I’ve got to admit that if this features goes mainstream and gets support by more browsers , It is going to change the way we think of the web. The Web might become a whole lot better intuitive & fun experience with this upcoming features. Not only it will change the user experience , but also it will create new possibilities for developers. As an enthusiast Web App. developer , all i can say is that we have to spread the modern browser usage , we’ve got to get more users to upgrade their browsers to one of the modern browsers.It will not only ease the development process but also it will enrich the materials we use to develop web apps and im sure that this will accelerate the innovation in web.

So.. I guess that was enough with the Future Aspect of the Features we’re going to talk about.Lets get into some detail :)

Speech Synthesis And Recognition Made Simple with x-webkit-speech and ChromeVox:

Even though, the ChromeVox was introduced as an accessibility solution for disabled users , I think it has lots of prospect for users with no disability.For instance you can be browsing in another tab , and the tab in the background can alert by telling exact situation that is going on on that tab in background.

What about speech recognition? Well… let me explain , with the speech recognition you can basically command the website handsfree.Speech Recognition has been a big difficulty to implement in old days even in desktop apps.But with the upcoming feature that is introduced with the Google Chrome it will only require you to write exactly nothing more than 2 words and a letter :D “x-webkit-speech”.

<input type=”text” x-webkit-speech=”x-webkit-speech” /> Just like that the text input turns into a speech recognition enable input :).

Web will no longer will be dependant to Web :D

Yea.. I’m aware that’s quite an odd sentence but let me rephrase it.Actually the term is “Offline Web App.”.

This is a great innovation which might eventually take web application development to a next level where it takes the place of desktop softwares and this will accelerate the loading of web apps.Let me explain how… You know in a web app. we have elements that we re-load each time we browse the app. unless it is cached by our browser and stood still the next time we visit.But on an “Offline enabled” Web App. once you visited the App. your browser will store the app. in your local memory and allow you to use and browse the app offline.So as we have stored most of the basic elements of the web app in our local storage , next time we visit that web app. a javascript code can check whether the stored elements are up-to-date or not and if they are up-to-date you might not even need to reload those files which will accelerate page-loading.

All the Max/Msp and PureData Fellows : Get Ready for the Online Audio Creation & Visualization

Creating fancy animations and visualizations online with canvas is no news to us but the new thing is now you can synthesize audio directly on the web with javascript just like you do in PureData and Max/Msp.Think of the possibilities.When audio and graphics is combined the only limit is your imagination :P

Microphone & Camera support comes to Javascript

When i first that microphone & camera support came to Javascript.First, what came up in my mind was the possibility that you can use microphone input and combine it with the audio synth. feature that i mentioned above and you can build a voice changer application – something like vocoder in FL Studio or the T-Pain Vocoder app. in Iphone  -.

And with the camera support you can build and app that tracks hand gestures and scrolls up & down the page accordingly.

That’s all for now

For more photos from the event please visit:

Thanks a lot to Sam Dutton & Paul Kinlan for great presentations.

Thanks a lot to Google Turkiye Team.

Thanks for the gifts Google.

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