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OpenVR – 3 : Aftermath

OpenVR – 0 : Story
OpenVR – 1 : Hardware
OpenVR – 2 : Software

For past 3 days, OpenVR received massive public attention. My hosting package couldn’t handle this and went down a few times.

I received a warning email from Hostgator;

Your account has been abusing CPU resources for an extended period of time. As a result all of your sites have been cached in order to ensure continued performance stability of the server.

So I will be switching to a new hosting as soon as I can, to avoid such problems. I’m considering buying a VPS. I have been recommended to switch to digitalocean, but I haven’t made a final decision yet.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 19.28.54

So what caused all this?

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OpenVR – 0 : Story

OpenVR – 1 : Hardware
OpenVR – 2 : Software

How I got interested in Oculus Rift?

I can’t say I’m a huge gamer. I do enjoy playing games though. But when it comes to innovative *HCI devices, I’m very enthusiastic. That’s how I got really curious about experience offered by Oculus Rift, a total new way to experience reality, in a virtual world.

Curiosity alone was not alone for me to buy a Rift though. So I postponed buying a Rift for some time.

I’m building and flying custom multicopters. I was using a monitor to display camera feed from my quadcopter. It is nowhere near as immersive as flying it with a video glass. So I realized I needed a video glass to fly it *FPV.

FPV glasses cost around 150-300 $ and the highest *FOV is only 40 degrees. Compare that with 110 degrees FOV of Oculus Rift and 300 $ price.

It would be plain stupid to invest in FPV glasses. So it was now clear that I needed a Rift. It could serve me as FPV glasses, Gaming Goggles and for all other cool things you can do with a Rift; like watching a 3D movie.

Maker’s Dilemma : Buy or Build?

As a maker, you’ve got two options to acquire a new gadget. You can just buy it, or you can build it from scratch!

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Why I have been blogging less and less?

First of all, I have to admit that I feel my writing skills are slowly decaying. I am well aware of it and it is beyond obvious when you look at the increasing interval between my blog posts. That is an upsetting fact.

In recent years, I have gone through some radical characteristic changes. To go through radical changes, first you have to get to know yourself. I knew I had to make some fundamental changes on my vision and life goals to have a satisfying life. As I mentioned earlier, this required taking time for self-observation, introspection. Furthermore, introspection goes hand in hand with introversion.

Time spent for introspection beside the introversion caused by introspection is the perfect recipe for a blog to get more and more silent everyday.

Why introspection has to cause introversion? That is a whole another topic to talk about.

Education , Career and Personal Interests?

Lately , my mind has become really fuzzy about this three subjects. So fuzzy that i dont know what are the questions i should pursue for a solution. Everything gets so complicated when your only personal interest & hobby in your life overlaps with your career. Why it gets complicated? To answer this question i should first express the priority of subjects in my point of view.I think Career has the highest priority , because it’s how you are going to make your life.Second is Education because it is deeply connected with the Career and… Personal Interests , even though it is last prior of all , it doesnt mean it is least important. Actually all this subjects are equally important because they all depend on each other. Personal Interests are important because it feeds our motivation and happiness… without motivation or happiness you cant succeed a thing in your life.
So it is , Career the first, Education the second and Personal Interests the third
Most people think it’s great thing to have a career over your personal interest. Yeah , why not right? You are doing what you did in the past just for fun except this time you are getting paid for it. The truth is suprisingly different , at least for me so far…
So the Task = Career + Personal Interest. But the thing is when there is something with an higher priority in equation it shadows all the other. You still know you did something that was once your personal interest but there is something wrong… you dont feel as much happy or succeed. Then you start postponing your personal interests thinking you did enough of it , with that task you did. You keep doing this , after a while… when you try to do that personal interests of yours -lets say a personal tech. project- you start thinking how much profitable is this project etc. that is… my friend… is the point where you lost your one of your personal interest. You cant have fun with it anymore.

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Social Network 2.0 : Interconnected Social Media Servers

Today, when you hear Social Network the word , I am one hundred percent sure the first thing showing up in your mind is Facebook.To understand social networking , lets pick Facebook as the subject and revise its basic functionalities which makes it what it is. I’ll call everything we share as “data” , posts, personal, photos etc.On Facebook we share data , an enourmous amount of data.It is your own data that you can control.Well.. that’s true until you publish it. It is not a rumor anymore that Facebook keeps lots of your data even after you deleted it. The Privacy Issue , this is just one the subjects that lead me to this new idea. I’m not going to dig into this issue because I think you are already aware of it and there is also a lot already written about it.
The Second Issue is about how much flexible it is.Its look , Its UI… but wait there is nothing flexible there. You may ask why should there be , you may say it’s the simplicity and the standart look that makes it what is.Well the option to keep it in the standart look should remain.But there should be a way to design your own Profile UI or change the Text Input system maybe to TinyMCE or someother rich-text editor. It started to sound like WordPress right? Well, I think WordPress can be a great example for social network on  Flexibility. Not only the flexibility it provides in user interface but also the way it handles your data.
The way it handles your data we said, This is whole another issue , Unless you develop a Facebook app. you can not share your data free from preset standart. It has got to be whether a text, image , url or video. These data types might sound like about everything you can share on web but what about.But what about richtext that you can format with html tags etc. , Wouldnt it be great if we can format the status updates however we want, maybe with CKeditor or TinyMCE?

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Arduino Ethernet Shield has arrived.

Hi fellows,

Last week , my delivery – the arduino ethernet shield – from Farnell has arrived. I was totally excited about it but i didnt have much time to play with it last week because i had visa exams.Finally , yesterday i had some time to play with it. I tested some of the example source codes on it and i have to admit that it was dead easy to set up & get to running.There is a plethora of source codes available for the shield , not just source codes but also lots of demonstration videos of what others made with it.This – The Sharing – is one of the reasons i love Arduino Community. A community of makers and enthusiast those help each other . It is a community where imaginations come alive and get in touch with the physical world in a collaboration and im grateful to be part of it :P
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Bluetooth Watch Project – Behind the Scenes


If you are unfamiliar with the project please check out the posts linked below :
OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative Announcement
Update on the OBWIous

Hi my fellow readers ,

In this post , i wanted to share the story behind the bluetooth watch project and answer some questions like why , how and when…
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