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Review : Windows 8 & Android ICS dual-booting on Acer Iconia W500

Hi everybody,
If your one and only workstation is a 3~ kgs weighing laptop , you might want to consider buying a netbook for meetings etc.. As i’m currently a student and a freelance programmer   , I’m facing lots of situations where i need to carry my laptop around. So i thought it would be a good idea to have a smaller laptop -a netbook- for portability purposes. Later on , with the uprise in the popularity of tablets , a new interest has flourished. And combining the need for a netbook and interest in tablet , i decided to buy a netvertible. After some research i found some fine and inexpensive options. At first i was thinking about buying an ASUS T101MT netvertible ( click for specs ) but it was to thick and bulky. There has been other options i have considered in the meanwhile , but to keep short , i will skip that part.
Then i found Acer Iconia W500 tablet. It has a dock-keyboard , comes with Windows 7 pre-installed , 2GB RAM , Multi-touch up to 4 fingers , 1280*800p , back & front camera etc. ( click for more of specs ) , it was perfect , exactly matching my needs. Beyond all that specs it is very portable.
I bought an Acer Iconia W500 last new year’s day. I have used it with its preinstalled O.S. – windows 7 – for first month. I was pretty happy with it. Acer had solved right-click problem on Windows pretty well. Double tapping with a secondary finger was registered as right click – one thing i’m missing now on Windows 8. On Windows 8 you have to keep your finger touching for a while to right click and it’s pretty annoying IMHO. That’s not only problem you will encounter after switching to Windows 8. W8 lacks a wireless manager , which means you will be unable delete a connection , create adhoc wireless hotspot , change settings of a connection etc.. Connectify doesn’t work… In short-term it boots up pretty fast but after you install a few software (VLC , Eclipse , Angry Birds , Windows Surface Touch Pack , World of Goo , Adobe Reader , WampServer , Notepad++ … that’s all i have now ) , it becomes extremely slow to boot up and sometimes gets stuck at logon screen. So it’s a develop-preview why i’m talking about all these problems i have faced. I’m telling these , because there are lots of people on discussion boards telling people that Windows 8 is totally usable on this tablet for daily usage. My effort here is only to balance that misinformation. Anyway , today i’m reinstalling Windows 7 after 2 months of use…I will miss only the responsive keyboard of Windows8 :/

So far we have talked about Windows 8… Lets talk about Android-x86. Because its development is non-profit and voluntary , i wont be commenting harshly. First of all i have to share my appreciation for their work on porting android to x86 devices.

Last week i updated to ICS-x86 amd brazos RC1 build. Even though it improved a lot , there are still some issues.
Here is a list of problems i have encountered:

  • Screen flickers
  • Accelerometer & Auto-rotation doesnt work
  • Audio driver crashes and causes a disturbing audible noise , you cant stop by plugging headphone.

Other than these problems android runs pretty smooth with last release. But there is something i should notify you , you cant play any of those 3D fancy graphical games NFS Shift , GTA3 etc. , %99 of 3D games and apps doesnt work on android-x86 due to fact that those apps and games were compiled with ARM binary libraries. And when you discard those from market you are pretty much left with crappy apps , notetaking , todo , soundboard apps etc. pretty much like chrome webstore. So even though you install android-x86 i’m pretty sure you will stick with Windows.

thanks for reading

Bluetooth Watch Project – Behind the Scenes


If you are unfamiliar with the project please check out the posts linked below :
OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative Announcement
Update on the OBWIous

Hi my fellow readers ,

In this post , i wanted to share the story behind the bluetooth watch project and answer some questions like why , how and when…
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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 2

This is the second post of the User-Friendly Maemo Apps Serie.It has been quite a while since the last post.In the meantime i discovered some nice apps. to share.

First One is : NPlayer
I’m telling you if you are still using an n900 and havent checked out this app. you are missing a lot.This app. called NPlayer is a youtube client.What makes this application special is its slick and kinetic UI that works greate both in Landscape & Portrait modes.Actually it’s UI Layout is very similar to Youtube UI on Ipad 2.
Basically supports everything you can do on youtube on a desktop browser.

Second One is : Sociality
Sociality is Facebook client application for Maemo5 with user friendly user interface.
Works both in the Landscape & Portrait Modes.
Kinetic Scrolling UI
Supports Facebook Chat
Run in background & Auto-Update Mode.
Notifications by Vibration
Nice Home Menu
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Update on the Open Source Bluetooth Watch Initiative

It has been more than month since Open Source Bluetooth Watch Initiative first announced.There has been some improvements.Hardware side of the project completed.But there is a lot to do on the software side to make it a nice developer-friendly watch.So i started programming an API for the watch.But this last month has been very very busy for me.But still there has been somethings done.

Hardware Updates :
5 pushbuttons added for navigation.
Tilt-Sensor added.

Software Updates:
I designed watch UI on top of Vertical Screens called Widgets.In these Widgets, we’ve got buttons , labels etc.

There still some lacks & issues to solved.As soon as i have some free time i will work on those and release source code with Android & Maemo Apps. to talk to watch.If there is anything about the code that is bothering you please dont hesitate to comment or contact me :) .Suggestions are welcome.

Here is a scheme of the Class Structure:
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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 1

Hi my fellow readers,

It has been quite a while since i switched to N900 from my old smartphone the N95.And finally im finding some Apps with very nice UIs and features.
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OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

Hi everybody,
Lately i’ve been spending my spare times to build an homemade bluetooth wristwatch.I’ve used Nokia 6610 LCD for display, Bluesmirf GOLD for the bluetooth and Arduino Mini Pro for the processing.
I just finished most of the soldering & electronics part yesterday… Only one thing left on the electronics part and that is adding some buttons onto the watch.
I’ve written a bluetooth client application for N900(Maemo5). But it still needs some improvement on User Interface. So to speak back-end for N900 is done..
Today i made a simple Graphical User Interface for the watch and i recorded a video to introduce User Interface.

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N900 Interaction with Arduino Mini Pro via Bluesmirf GOLD

I just got my Arduino Mini Pro & Bluesmirf GOLD yesterday. Im running some tests and practicing some stuff with them. Since yesterday , my personal achievements are “Using Arduino as an ISP Programmer” , “Communication through bluetooth with Bluesmirf”.

I used an old arduino of mine – which is a so called Arduino Severino – to program Arduino Mini Pro.I had a RS232 to USB converter so i could program it with my laptop. But the uploading process was quite tricky. Im going to write down the tips and tricks here in case i forgot , i dont want to struggle with whole that all over again.

Make sure baudrate is 19200
Switch Arduino Severino to Serial Enable Mode( Move (JP0)Serial Female header to 2-3 pins ).
Click upload button and wait for the “sketch size bla bla” notification appear below , when it appears press reset button asap…

Communication through Bluesmirf is no different than Serial Comm. But make sure you connect Tx-Rx pins reverse. Tx(bluesmirf)->Rx(arduino)……

And here are some photos and a video demo. of what i have done so far…
More Photos