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My new Development Board : MSP-EXP430FR5739

Hi everybody,

I just got back home from Sakarya. One of the reasons i came back to Istanbul this weekend was a delivery received from Farnell. It was the MSP-EXP430FR5739 Experimenter Board :) . As soon as i came home , i reach the shipment box and opened it. I was already very excited about this board whole week. This development board is going to be a complete new journey for me after my long journey with the Arduinos… anyway enough with the chit chat :)

Lets get into some detail… Why i choosed this board?
You might have already noticed my interest in motion-controlled apps & technologies. It was first started with the Nokia Symbian smartphones with built-in accelerometers.I developed two apps for those devices one called AlertMe and the other was nGUN. I also developed some experimental apps too which are not released for public use. I kept experimenting with accelerometers on my N95 with Python s60 on the go. It is fun and very entertaining to play with accelerometers.

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OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

Hi everybody,
Lately i’ve been spending my spare times to build an homemade bluetooth wristwatch.I’ve used Nokia 6610 LCD for display, Bluesmirf GOLD for the bluetooth and Arduino Mini Pro for the processing.
I just finished most of the soldering & electronics part yesterday… Only one thing left on the electronics part and that is adding some buttons onto the watch.
I’ve written a bluetooth client application for N900(Maemo5). But it still needs some improvement on User Interface. So to speak back-end for N900 is done..
Today i made a simple Graphical User Interface for the watch and i recorded a video to introduce User Interface.

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N900 Interaction with Arduino Mini Pro via Bluesmirf GOLD

I just got my Arduino Mini Pro & Bluesmirf GOLD yesterday. Im running some tests and practicing some stuff with them. Since yesterday , my personal achievements are “Using Arduino as an ISP Programmer” , “Communication through bluetooth with Bluesmirf”.

I used an old arduino of mine – which is a so called Arduino Severino – to program Arduino Mini Pro.I had a RS232 to USB converter so i could program it with my laptop. But the uploading process was quite tricky. Im going to write down the tips and tricks here in case i forgot , i dont want to struggle with whole that all over again.

Make sure baudrate is 19200
Switch Arduino Severino to Serial Enable Mode( Move (JP0)Serial Female header to 2-3 pins ).
Click upload button and wait for the “sketch size bla bla” notification appear below , when it appears press reset button asap…

Communication through Bluesmirf is no different than Serial Comm. But make sure you connect Tx-Rx pins reverse. Tx(bluesmirf)->Rx(arduino)……

And here are some photos and a video demo. of what i have done so far…
More Photos

Quadrotor… Long story short…

Hi fellows

Actually it is quite late to blog about this.. But i think at least i can share the materials rather than just keeping those in my archives.I’m not going to go much into details.We’ve started a project to build a Quadrotor at University.We’ve made presentations to some companies & foundations to get financial support.After 5-6 months of presentation we finally found some financial support.But the project start to evolve in a way that totally bother me.So i quit the project and the project ended a couple of days later… Anyway… as i already said im not going to blog about that part of the story because i think it would be ethically incorrect.

So… what i wanted to share here is the material i create for the presentations etc…Maybe it helps some people who are interested in Quadrotors…
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OpenSource:OpenCV & Irrlicht Integration & Head-Tracking

English Türkçe Download


It has been a month i guess since i’ve already done this integration.I was planning to develop some augmented reality projects with this combination.But i have been pretty busy with some other works.Because of that i decided to share the code itself open-source here.So it might help others rather than just staying in my archive of code snippets.
Dont hesitate to ask questions and please let me know if you can come up with something :)
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