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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 2

This is the second post of the User-Friendly Maemo Apps Serie.It has been quite a while since the last post.In the meantime i discovered some nice apps. to share.

First One is : NPlayer
I’m telling you if you are still using an n900 and havent checked out this app. you are missing a lot.This app. called NPlayer is a youtube client.What makes this application special is its slick and kinetic UI that works greate both in Landscape & Portrait modes.Actually it’s UI Layout is very similar to Youtube UI on Ipad 2.
Basically supports everything you can do on youtube on a desktop browser.

Second One is : Sociality
Sociality is Facebook client application for Maemo5 with user friendly user interface.
Works both in the Landscape & Portrait Modes.
Kinetic Scrolling UI
Supports Facebook Chat
Run in background & Auto-Update Mode.
Notifications by Vibration
Nice Home Menu
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