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GlassLayer : web app. to design & purchase plates online


Before reading rest of the article please check out the GlassLayer Web App. itself

Hi everybody,
Finally , i finished this web application i’ve been working for over a year. So i thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and announce the application here on my blog. Application name has changed a few times along the way but final name is GlassLayer. I’ve made this web application for Glass Art Projects company located in LA. What they offer is that they give a kit of glasses , you glue those glasses on to a base glass as you like , it’s as simple as that and you get to design your very own plate. This was the traditional procedure but now with this new web application you get to design your own plate faster & cheaper.
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LunarCannon Project Demo

hi fellows,
I’ve been working on a web app. project which lead me to use RaphaelJS library 5 months ago.Last night i just wanted to do something with this library just for fun other than business.So here is another Gravitation Involved Project :D .
Use Arrow Keys to rotate Cannon
And Space Key to shoot


let me know your reviews :)