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Education , Career and Personal Interests?

Lately , my mind has become really fuzzy about this three subjects. So fuzzy that i dont know what are the questions i should pursue for a solution. Everything gets so complicated when your only personal interest & hobby in your life overlaps with your career. Why it gets complicated? To answer this question i should first express the priority of subjects in my point of view.I think Career has the highest priority , because it’s how you are going to make your life.Second is Education because it is deeply connected with the Career and… Personal Interests , even though it is last prior of all , it doesnt mean it is least important. Actually all this subjects are equally important because they all depend on each other. Personal Interests are important because it feeds our motivation and happiness… without motivation or happiness you cant succeed a thing in your life.
So it is , Career the first, Education the second and Personal Interests the third
Most people think it’s great thing to have a career over your personal interest. Yeah , why not right? You are doing what you did in the past just for fun except this time you are getting paid for it. The truth is suprisingly different , at least for me so far…
So the Task = Career + Personal Interest. But the thing is when there is something with an higher priority in equation it shadows all the other. You still know you did something that was once your personal interest but there is something wrong… you dont feel as much happy or succeed. Then you start postponing your personal interests thinking you did enough of it , with that task you did. You keep doing this , after a while… when you try to do that personal interests of yours -lets say a personal tech. project- you start thinking how much profitable is this project etc. that is… my friend… is the point where you lost your one of your personal interest. You cant have fun with it anymore.

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