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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 2

This is the second post of the User-Friendly Maemo Apps Serie.It has been quite a while since the last post.In the meantime i discovered some nice apps. to share.

First One is : NPlayer
I’m telling you if you are still using an n900 and havent checked out this app. you are missing a lot.This app. called NPlayer is a youtube client.What makes this application special is its slick and kinetic UI that works greate both in Landscape & Portrait modes.Actually it’s UI Layout is very similar to Youtube UI on Ipad 2.
Basically supports everything you can do on youtube on a desktop browser.

Second One is : Sociality
Sociality is Facebook client application for Maemo5 with user friendly user interface.
Works both in the Landscape & Portrait Modes.
Kinetic Scrolling UI
Supports Facebook Chat
Run in background & Auto-Update Mode.
Notifications by Vibration
Nice Home Menu
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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 1

Hi my fellow readers,

It has been quite a while since i switched to N900 from my old smartphone the N95.And finally im finding some Apps with very nice UIs and features.
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OBWIous – Opensource Bluetooth Watch Initiative

Hi everybody,
Lately i’ve been spending my spare times to build an homemade bluetooth wristwatch.I’ve used Nokia 6610 LCD for display, Bluesmirf GOLD for the bluetooth and Arduino Mini Pro for the processing.
I just finished most of the soldering & electronics part yesterday… Only one thing left on the electronics part and that is adding some buttons onto the watch.
I’ve written a bluetooth client application for N900(Maemo5). But it still needs some improvement on User Interface. So to speak back-end for N900 is done..
Today i made a simple Graphical User Interface for the watch and i recorded a video to introduce User Interface.

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