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AlertMe 3.0 Released! [Latest Version]

hi there
u know latest version of the alertme was 2.0 and decided to make a new version that nobody will need to use any of that modifications of alertme.
in this version u can change.so i added lots of features to let u personalise alertme.lets see new features

New Features:
Background is able to change.
Alerting sound is able to change.
You can set the volume of the sound alert.
Alerting with an sms
You can set the delay time to alerting for writing password.
Icon added.
You can choose sms alert or sound alert(or both of them.) from on/off menu.
You can activate or deactivate password protection from on/off menu too.
You dont have re-write all setting in every running of app.

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AlertMe 2.0 : Password Protection Added!

You know alertme was not enough protective withouth password protection.
And in this version i added a password protection ability to alertme

in this version:

i put another alert sound instead of old one.because old one’s size was so big.
Background Changed.
and i put all setting buttons together under settings menu.
default password is “0”

AlertMe 1.5 Beta is ready to downloads!

After the first version, today i make a new version by the user suggestions.Most of bugs fixed

Bugs Fixed:

  • Background size fixed
  • Exit button fixed.Both of exit buttons are working fine now.
  • New setting added:Now we’re able to set the reaction time to start button


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AlertMe 1.1

Few days ago i decided to make an app. like nalertme because i get bored of waiting samir to release it.And today my project’s finished.It’s even announced in symbian-freak.com on the homepage in news.

AlertMe is a mobile python app. to protect your phone from thiefs.With this app. you can set your phone to a constant position.Then when you press start button app. starts to protect your phone from thiefs by alarming.

When somebody or a thief try to move your phone app. will immediately alert with a loud sound.

Download(Alertme 1.1)

Download Python 1.4.4

Download MMPACK 1.51

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