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Maemo5 Apps those compete with Responsive & Userfriendly UI of Android – 1

Hi my fellow readers,

It has been quite a while since i switched to N900 from my old smartphone the N95.And finally im finding some Apps with very nice UIs and features.
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Self-Balancing robot project starts!

I just had an idea yesterday that can get me to make a self-balancing robot without buying any expensive electronic components.
You know last summer i made a cellphone controlled RC Car which had a tabletpc onboard to get commands via bluetooth.That time , having an onboard tabletpc , save me from buying a bluetooth chip which costs about 60$.This time, to make a self-balancing robot i’ll have to have whether an Accelerometer or a MEMS Gyro to track rotation of the robot.
Those sensors are pretty expensive too.So i’m thinkin about putting my n95 smartphone onto the robot.As i have Accelerometer on the smartphone i can use it to measure rotation movement of the robot.

I tried to explain how it is going to work in the photo.

And the finished robot will look something like this:


Diary Of The PyMaemo Beginner

PyGtk Code Snippets On Xournal

Hi Again,

It has been almost two weeks that i got my new Device which is a N810 Internet Tablet (aka NIT ,Webpad).

You know i develop mobile apps. for Nokia’s  Smartphones Especially for Symbian ones such as N95 , N81 , N79 etc.

Nowadays ,I’m working on pymaemo which is maemo version of Python Programming Language.It seems, i have a lot to study.Because the Main User Interface is totally different from the way it was on Symbian Phones.

This weekend i have started to study and practise PyGtk+.I’ve already made a couple of  “Hello World!” Apps.But As you may know , that’s not enough for developing useful projects.

By the way , the educational capabilities of this device makes it really easy , when you start something to learn.In my opinion,it is even better than kindle.

You can read Pdf books on it with its high screen resolution.And you can take notes on Xournal Application which i use for collect code snippets.

As you may know ,I am working on arduino microprocessor to learn electronics.As i got the n810, i can connect arduino to n810 with its Usb-Host-Mode capability.As soon as i get the usb input to output converter i will start working on serial connection between arduino and n810