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Social Network 2.0 : Interconnected Social Media Servers

Today, when you hear Social Network the word , I am one hundred percent sure the first thing showing up in your mind is Facebook.To understand social networking , lets pick Facebook as the subject and revise its basic functionalities which makes it what it is. I’ll call everything we share as “data” , posts, personal, photos etc.On Facebook we share data , an enourmous amount of data.It is your own data that you can control.Well.. that’s true until you publish it. It is not a rumor anymore that Facebook keeps lots of your data even after you deleted it. The Privacy Issue , this is just one the subjects that lead me to this new idea. I’m not going to dig into this issue because I think you are already aware of it and there is also a lot already written about it.
The Second Issue is about how much flexible it is.Its look , Its UI… but wait there is nothing flexible there. You may ask why should there be , you may say it’s the simplicity and the standart look that makes it what is.Well the option to keep it in the standart look should remain.But there should be a way to design your own Profile UI or change the Text Input system maybe to TinyMCE or someother rich-text editor. It started to sound like WordPress right? Well, I think WordPress can be a great example for social network on  Flexibility. Not only the flexibility it provides in user interface but also the way it handles your data.
The way it handles your data we said, This is whole another issue , Unless you develop a Facebook app. you can not share your data free from preset standart. It has got to be whether a text, image , url or video. These data types might sound like about everything you can share on web but what about.But what about richtext that you can format with html tags etc. , Wouldnt it be great if we can format the status updates however we want, maybe with CKeditor or TinyMCE?

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Google DevFest Istanbul 2011

Hi everybody,

I was at Google Chrome DevFest today, it was great in a lot of way , it has been very educating and entertaining in the same time. We’ve been introduced to some of the amazing – yet beta – features of chrome browser. I’ve got to admit that if this features goes mainstream and gets support by more browsers , It is going to change the way we think of the web. The Web might become a whole lot better intuitive & fun experience with this upcoming features. Not only it will change the user experience , but also it will create new possibilities for developers. As an enthusiast Web App. developer , all i can say is that we have to spread the modern browser usage , we’ve got to get more users to upgrade their browsers to one of the modern browsers.It will not only ease the development process but also it will enrich the materials we use to develop web apps and im sure that this will accelerate the innovation in web.

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