Social Network 2.0 : Interconnected Social Media Servers

Today, when you hear Social Network the word , I am one hundred percent sure the first thing showing up in your mind is Facebook.To understand social networking , lets pick Facebook as the subject and revise its basic functionalities which makes it what it is. I’ll call everything we share as “data” , posts, personal, photos etc.On Facebook we share data , an enourmous amount of data.It is your own data that you can control.Well.. that’s true until you publish it. It is not a rumor anymore that Facebook keeps lots of your data even after you deleted it. The Privacy Issue , this is just one the subjects that lead me to this new idea. I’m not going to dig into this issue because I think you are already aware of it and there is also a lot already written about it.
The Second Issue is about how much flexible it is.Its look , Its UI… but wait there is nothing flexible there. You may ask why should there be , you may say it’s the simplicity and the standart look that makes it what is.Well the option to keep it in the standart look should remain.But there should be a way to design your own Profile UI or change the Text Input system maybe to TinyMCE or someother rich-text editor. It started to sound like WordPress right? Well, I think WordPress can be a great example for social network on  Flexibility. Not only the flexibility it provides in user interface but also the way it handles your data.
The way it handles your data we said, This is whole another issue , Unless you develop a Facebook app. you can not share your data free from preset standart. It has got to be whether a text, image , url or video. These data types might sound like about everything you can share on web but what about.But what about richtext that you can format with html tags etc. , Wouldnt it be great if we can format the status updates however we want, maybe with CKeditor or TinyMCE?

So… What Social Network 2.0 should be?
This is going to be my humble idea, there might be some errors on technical level that i didnt know about , but i can not know those without sharing right :) So please let me know you reviews after you read.

Two Friends on Two Different Servers:
Database :
FriendName ,ListenKey,  EventTriggerURL , TriggerKey …… columns.
…. …, …, .. EventListenURL
When a friendship request is accepted :
Your server will send your friend’s server a person-specific ListenKey and EventListenURL.
And your server will retrieve EventTriggerURL and TriggerKey from your friend.

EventListenURL : for server to check if

  • there is something you are tagged is posted etc.
  • PM received.

EventTriggerURL : to trigger

  • “You are tagged in my post” alert on your friends server.
  • PM sent.

How exactly the Servers going to work?

  • There will be registered & certified Social Media Server.
  • Each social media server will have its own adware policies to provide free service.
  • There will be Social Media Servers with no Adverts. but instead with a monthly cost.
  • There will be a specific meta tag stating that it is profile page.
  • Server softwares will need to be a little different from the usual HTTP servers we use.Server software will check user input to make sure there is no malicious code etc. before triggering other servers.

We are going to search friends on Google:
Each person will set
I would like to be found by:
My Name
Where i live
My Age
Afterwards these infos. you choosed to be found will be public and will be indexed by Search Engines like Google.Who knows maybe Google would develop a new search tab called “People” :D
So most of the interconnected communication will be based on triggers except chatting.I think to make it work faster chat communication must be based on TCP connection between servers.

This idea is mostly theoretic and not fully thought and i might add or edit as i notice mistakes or musts in an interconnected social network system.

By the way :
I first thought of this a month ago and later on i discovered some people already working on this.But i wanted to share my thoughts anyway.

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