OpenVR – 2 : Software

OpenVR – 0 : Story
OpenVR – 1 : Hardware


So we have an OpenVR headset now. We will need some stereoscopic content to enjoy OpenVR. There isn’t much you can do without setting up some drivers and softwares.

You can watch 3d stereoscopic videos or movies but that will be nowhere near as immersive as a head-tracking enabled 3d game.

So we need “3d”, “head-tracking enabled” games.

Let’s see what options do we have for rendering games as side-by-side 3d;

  • Vireio : Free Open-Source, Easier Head-tracking Setup, Good Community Support
  • Tridef : Paid, Trial Option, Multimedia Support, Easy to setup
  • Vorpx : Paid, No Trial Demo

As I summed up their pros & cons, I will head direct to setting them up.


Follow installation guide at;

You will select “DIY Rift” and “Shared Memory Tracker”, instead of those selected in the guide.

If it is still not working and you’re seeing same old 2d game. Try copying d3dx9.dll from Vireio folder to nearby executable file of the game.


Head-Tracking with FreePie

After you succeed hacking your game into 3D rendering, it is time to add head-tracking.

Download and install FreePie from;

Then connect Arduino to your computer, so we can fetch sensor data.

Open python script file located in unarchived repository download;

/FreePie/FREEPIE vireio

Run the script, you should first see 3 zeros for a few seconds. Then FreePie will start fetching sensor data from Arduino and it will show 9DOF axis values in console instead of those 3 zeros.

If everything is running as I described. It means you are good to go. You can restart your game using Vireio, same way we did earlier. You will have head-tracking this time.



23 thoughts on “OpenVR – 2 : Software

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  4. Joar

    I can’t seem to find a precompiled version of the VireioSMT plugin for FreePIE, and you don’t mention it in this post.

  5. guiaki

    In freepie it says:
    The port ‘COM3′ does not exist.

    I can’t find somewhere to configure which port to use, its on COM6 and arduino serial monitor recognizes, but Freepie won’t let me switch to the real one.

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  8. OrionNorth

    after adding the VireioSMT.dll fille to the plugin, my freepie don´t wont to open );
    do you know why?

    Thank you for a grate projekt! (=

  9. Unsigned

    Great project so far, lots of kudos!

    I had a question regarding Freepie:

    The Razor_AHRS test is working in Processing; it shows the movement of the sensor as wel as the seperate serial output in the Arduino IDE.
    But when I try to start up the FreePie script (FREEPIE vireio, it states that there is no hardware connected to COM{…} with the AHRS IMU protocol?
    The VireioSMT.dll is placed in the plugin folder, the right COM port and Baud rate are selected and other programs are closed.
    As far as I can see the error message stated above comes from the AHRS plugin when the delay of reading the serial is greater then 100 ms?

    What could possibly be the issue?

    Thanks in advance and keep up this great project!

      1. Unsigned

        Thanks for the more than quick reply! As I mentioned above, the right COM port has already been selected in the AHRS settings menu:)
        Still doesn’t work due to the “No AHRS hardware detected”-error.

      2. Nakon

        I have that exact issue.
        I have checked COM port and baud rate several times and i’m sure they are right (accourding Arduino sketch)

  10. Gennady

    Hallo, I’m have a problem with FreePie. I open FreePie vireio, start script and take error “global name ‘vireioSMT’ is not defined”?

  11. Slav

    I have another problem. FreePIE script works, i am watching pitch, roll and yaw parameters on monitor in freePIE but how it works? Run script “FreePIE trackir”. Must I run TrackIR or not? In TrackIR v.5 nothing happen. I try with Opentrack, Freetrack, Vireio and nothing. Works only script with mouse (freepie mouse
    Could you help me, what i am doing wrong?


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