nGun First Beta Version Released!

Accelerometers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, motion technology is everywhere, mobile phones, computers even washing machines now contain accelerometers and motion based technology is truly everywhere.

The nGun is the latest application for accelerometer equipped phones and it definitely isn’t the most useful one, it is not even aimed to be! This one is just for one, a little application that uses motion technology on a bit different way, another cool thing to show off and to impress your friends and colleagues with your mighty phone.

The idea behind application is quite simple, it detects two different movements and play the appropriate sound, something like the light sabre application. When you rotate your phone’s nose up it will play a gun shooting sound but when you rotate your phone to left it will play the clip charging sound.


10 thoughts on “nGun First Beta Version Released!

  1. Aaron

    Ok need help I tried to have symbian sign the download
    but was unable to. can you explain what I need to do
    do try ngun and AlertMe thanks

  2. Екатерина

    Спасибо наконец то нашла то что хотела прочитать тут. Кстати у меня есть рисунки на эту тему. Куда можно скинуть? Ещё раз спасибо огромнейшее ! :)


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