NarDuino Project Has Been Finished!

Hi everybody,

After a very very long time here i am again.It has been a very tiring year as it was the year that i’ve been studying for the YGS-LYS which are the exams that takes students to university by matching them by the ranking of their success.So as the exams ended , i bought an arduino demilanove which has a usb jack on it unlike my old arduino severino’s rs232 serial port.

And i started all over again doing some experiments on interaction between arduino and my n810.My first experiment was to control a light from n810.It worked very well.After that experimental project i decided make a sumobot-alike robot controlled from n810.But i needed a chasis for the project… well after 2 days i heard that my nephew’s rc car is broken.Then i took the car and afterwards i cut off all the circuits of the car to put my own circuit instead.

Then after a little bit of googling i found some fundemental information about how to make this kinda project.Anyway im not going to go into technical details of the project here on the blog.Well the project has been finished 4 days ago and as it has been a very long time that i haven’t wrote any blog article , i decided to write one today , also to sum up where have i been this long.

I also created a specific page totally belong to NarDuino! project where you can find detailed info. , codes used in project , more of photos , video demo. and more.To visit the page you can click whether the NARDUINO button in the top menu or the following link .

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