N900 Interaction with Arduino Mini Pro via Bluesmirf GOLD

I just got my Arduino Mini Pro & Bluesmirf GOLD yesterday. Im running some tests and practicing some stuff with them. Since yesterday , my personal achievements are “Using Arduino as an ISP Programmer” , “Communication through bluetooth with Bluesmirf”.

I used an old arduino of mine – which is a so called Arduino Severino – to program Arduino Mini Pro.I had a RS232 to USB converter so i could program it with my laptop. But the uploading process was quite tricky. Im going to write down the tips and tricks here in case i forgot , i dont want to struggle with whole that all over again.

Make sure baudrate is 19200
Switch Arduino Severino to Serial Enable Mode( Move (JP0)Serial Female header to 2-3 pins ).
Click upload button and wait for the “sketch size bla bla” notification appear below , when it appears press reset button asap…

Communication through Bluesmirf is no different than Serial Comm. But make sure you connect Tx-Rx pins reverse. Tx(bluesmirf)->Rx(arduino)……

And here are some photos and a video demo. of what i have done so far…
More Photos

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