My First StopMotion ShortMovie:Save The Forests

You know the “Chicken Run” Movie which was about chicken that is trying escape from the farm.Yep, that’s what i’m talking about.

i was working on 3dsmax modelling while i was watching that movie.i spotted something that movie is 3d but it’s not looking like a computer rendered graphic.i searched around the web if there is any renderer plugin or smt. like for 3dsmax.

then i encountered another movie making method which is called as stopmotion.then i wandered and researched on that.and i found a software called as animator dv that make stopmotion movie making easy.

after first 2-3 practice.this short movie came up.

Save The Forests – My First Stop Motion Practice – video powered by Metacafe

infact that was not my point to make a video which says save the forests.u know southpark intro,which scissors cuts papers and characters comes up.i tried to make a movie like that but i noticed smt. that i was trying to make it with a piece of paper from notebook.but in southpark they were making it with carton it’s hard to move papers per frame.

and there was scissors and a piece of paper on the table.then another idea come to my mind about making a movie looking like pacman but this time pacman will be the scissors and the enemy will be paper.

finally this short movie came up from this idea

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