Dead Projects

AlertMe Maemo N900 : ( 21-10-2009 )

Programming Language : Python
Library Dependencies: gtk , threading ,dbus
AlertMe for the Nokia's new Maemo flagship smartphone.
GUI done.Multitasking logic for the GTK Window Management System & Accelerometer done.
Postponed due to YGS-LYS exam studies.Later on cancelled due to failure of n900 in the market.
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Remote XMMS Controller : ( xx-03-2009 )

Programming Language : Python
Library Dependencies: xmms-controller , pybluez
C.L.I. Bluetooth Server for the OpenSource Multimedia Application XMMS.
A specific application developed for the S60 phones to send commands via bluetooth.
Bluetooth Command Server integrated to Maemo Operated N810.
XMMS running on n810, controlled with n95 8gb remotely over bluetooth

Maemo4~Arduino Serial Monitor GUI : (xx-05-2009 )

Programming Language : Python
Library Dependencies : pyserial , gtk
A Serial Monitoring GUI specifically designed to easily connect & communicate arduino with maemo devices.

Maemo4 SMS Suite : ( xx-10-2008 )

Programming Language: Python
S60 SMS Server Library Dependencies: Messaging , Appuifw , Socket
Maemo4 Lib. Dependencies : GTK , pyBluez , Threading

As you may already know , No maemo devices had cellphone capabilities until n900.
So i had developed an application with a simple user interface to connect any n8x0 device to
an s60 phone & and use GSM capabilites of that phone to send text messages.

VirtualGym : ( xx-06-2009 )

Progrraming Language : Python
Supported Devices : Accelerometer Supported S60v3 Smartphones.An Application to keep track of daily sports activities.
Unlike Nokia's Sports Trackers this application was going to count sit-ups , push-ups itself by the detection of
movement with accelerometer and interpretation with specific algorithms for each sport activitiy.
Sit-Up counter done.GUI done.But postponed due to busy studies on YGS-LYS exams.

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