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Gravitan – Entertainment App. for Android

Hi my fellow readers,

I’ve been studying on android application development last week.As i was familiar with OpenGL and it’s port for Embedded Systems which is GLES ,i choosed to study on that part first.
I’m planning to make 2D Slingshot based game for Android.So i made a simple demo. to implement main, fundemental structure of the software that is going to be required to build-up a Slingshot game.

How it works:
You can add new circular masses by dragging white circle below the blue line.
As you drag, There you will see a white line appearing , which signifies the launch speed of the mass that will be created as you stop tapping.
I named it Gravitan but it’s simply the predecessor of the upcoming slingshot game. :) here are some screenshots :)


Please report any bug you discover :)

Algorithms & Prog.2 HW: OpenGL & GLUT Tutorial (Turkish) + Source Code

Here is the second article of the ALG.PROG2.Homework series.This homework was about OpenGL & GLUT and we were asked to use opengl to draw a 2d home and a movable circle.
I added a couple of more features :D.
check it out , here it is:


LunarCannon Project Demo

hi fellows,
I’ve been working on a web app. project which lead me to use RaphaelJS library 5 months ago.Last night i just wanted to do something with this library just for fun other than business.So here is another Gravitation Involved Project :D .
Use Arrow Keys to rotate Cannon
And Space Key to shoot


let me know your reviews :)

to Sum Up

Hi my fellow readers ,
It has been a long long time… I just wanted to sum up what i have been up to lately…
I have been pretty busy with a big web-app project based mainly on javascript.I am also working on some other web programming projects. As i spent months of coding with javascript – with the help of jQuery – and PHP , i can barely tell the only limit is imagination from now on :) :P and the capabilities of the browser off-course :D

Well… off course i didn’t spend all my time on web-development , i have been studying OpenCV with OReilly’s book called ‘Learning OpenCV’. It’s a quite complicated library but it’s still the simpliest way to do Computer Vision. But with the entertaining and creative apps & softwares that are made possible with Computer Vision technology , i dont care how hard or how much of time consuming it is.
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