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Self-Balancing Robot First Step:The Interaction

Here is the first step in making of Self Balancing Robot. In this step i worked on Bluetooth & Serial Communication.
Communication scheme:
N95 (Bluetooth)—> PC —–( Serial)—-> Arduino
I used the same motor driver shield which i already made back in Narduino Project.
If you havent heard about Narduino Shield and its simple design done on veroboard click here to see it and its circuit diagram.
After the Narduino shield properly connected to motor wires and the supply connection ,  it is time to talk about coding…
Here below , i shared all the codes used in the project.
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Self-Balancing robot project starts!

I just had an idea yesterday that can get me to make a self-balancing robot without buying any expensive electronic components.
You know last summer i made a cellphone controlled RC Car which had a tabletpc onboard to get commands via bluetooth.That time , having an onboard tabletpc , save me from buying a bluetooth chip which costs about 60$.This time, to make a self-balancing robot i’ll have to have whether an Accelerometer or a MEMS Gyro to track rotation of the robot.
Those sensors are pretty expensive too.So i’m thinkin about putting my n95 smartphone onto the robot.As i have Accelerometer on the smartphone i can use it to measure rotation movement of the robot.

I tried to explain how it is going to work in the photo.

And the finished robot will look something like this:


how i’ve started in Electronics?

I have been interested in electronics and especially in robotics since i was a little kid.I used to salvage electronic parts of toys and re-create different things with them. I used to make cranes with little motors and magnets.I always had a dream to make something fly some kind of a helicopter or a plane like thingy i remember when i was a kid , i was trying all kind of propellers and engines little ones , big ones.But i couldnt succeed.Nevertheless it has always been fun & entertaining to me to play with electronic things.
Later on i guess when i was 15-16 i started reading Make:Magazine and some other related hacker sites.It was fabulous to me to see people making homemade D.I.Y style electronic gadgets and everybody was sharing instructions & tutorials on how to build such stuff or even to get started in electronics.That’s when i heard about Arduino Dev.Boards. It was what i have been looking for , it was a great opportunity for a beginner.I have been in search of something like that like for 2 years those years i encountered NXT Mindstorms , PICAXEs but arduino seem like the best solution.
Actually i was thinking about whether buying and NXT Mindstorm of Starting to study PIC programming.PIC stuff looked so hard to learn to me those days and – the other option for me to start physical computing – NXT Mindstorm was really expensive i remember it was like 600$ or so here in Turkey.
So basically Arduino was a choice that combines Mindstorm’s modularity & PIC’s capability of physical computing and it was real cheap.
So i started electronics.