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Alertme is an application that protects your phone from the thieves by alerting with an audible noise an optionally with an sms too.

Capable Phones:

  • N95 , N95 8GB , N82 and the other accelerometer capable symbian phones.


  • Python And MegaModulePack (installed on same memory with the app.)
  • Hacking for unsigned apps.


  • How to change the background of the app?

You need a 240*240 sized and *.jpg formatted picture on mass memory( e: ).afterwards you can change the background easily by writing the name of picture without “.jpg”
example: if u have a picture called as “name.jpg” u should write “name” to the background setting input in alertme.

  • How to change the sound of alert?

You need a file that is formatted as “.wav” on mass memory( e: )
then u can change the sound of alerting by writing the name of that sound file without “.wav” like how we did it while changing background pic.

  • What the heck is that On/Off menu?

The on/off menu is where that u prefer activate or deactivate smt. like sound alerting,sms alerting ,password protection.

Change Log:

  • Version 3[Latest]:

Background is able to change.
Alerting sound is able to change.
You can set the volume of the sound alert.
Alerting with an sms
You can set the delay time to alerting for writing password.
Icon added.
You can choose sms alert or sound alert(or both of them.) from on/off menu.
You can activate or deactivate password protection from on/off menu too.
You dont have re-write all setting in every running of app.
Different Languages Added.

  • Version 2:

Sound File is changed with a smaller one
Background file is changed by the user suggestions
All Settings are collapsed under “Settings” menu.
Password Protection is Added

  • Version 1.5:

Background size fixed.
Exit buttons are fixed
New option is added to set the reaction time to start button.

  • Version 1.1

Sis package is fixed

Creative Commons License
Alertme by Ahmet YILDIRIM is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
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