AlertMe 3.0 Released! [Latest Version]

hi there
u know latest version of the alertme was 2.0 and decided to make a new version that nobody will need to use any of that modifications of alertme.
in this version u can i added lots of features to let u personalise alertme.lets see new features

New Features:
Background is able to change.
Alerting sound is able to change.
You can set the volume of the sound alert.
Alerting with an sms
You can set the delay time to alerting for writing password.
Icon added.
You can choose sms alert or sound alert(or both of them.) from on/off menu.
You can activate or deactivate password protection from on/off menu too.
You dont have re-write all setting in every running of app.

How to change the background of the app?
You need a 240*240 sized and *.jpg formatted picture on mass memory( e: ).afterwards you can change the background easily by writing the name of picture without “.jpg”
example: if u have a picture called as “name.jpg” u should write “name” to the background setting input in alertme.

How to change the sound of alert?
You need a file that is formatted as “.wav” on mass memory( e: )
then u can change the sound of alerting by writing the name of that sound file without “.wav” like how we did it while changing background pic.

What the heck is that On/Off menu?
The on/off menu is where that u prefer activate or deactivate smt. like sound alerting,sms alerting ,password protection.

Modifications arent allowed in this version.
Because i joined some programming contest with this app.
so i have licenced modifications will be illegal.
Please Do Not Use Those Hacked AlertMe Apps.i have spent my days for improve this app.
And developers please do not modificate my app. u know how much hard is developing an app.


29 thoughts on “AlertMe 3.0 Released! [Latest Version]

  1. SAL

    I didn’t change nothing .. or maybe when i just look at the sound optation and click cancel that all ..
    do you think when i did that ..its change the sound defult

  2. mclightning

    no if u left a option empty before there u will see an empty ini file without any written string.
    tell me the name of the file then i can say what should u write there

  3. admin

    u can write 1 into for activating sms alerting
    but if u wanna deactivate it simply write 0 in it.

    in fact u could fix this problem by re-installing app.

  4. Jerry

    Hi Ahmet,

    great program indeed! Thanks for contributing it to the community! I appreciate the features that other programs like yours lack.
    Unfortunately I have some problems with changing some features; i.e. the delay does not work (but it did before!).
    Could you tell us the meaning of the .ini files?
    Ok, snd.ini is sound, dl.ini should be the delay, but what is the rest?

    Thx 4 answers,

  5. carlo

    hi ahmet,
    i’ve got a problem with your app… when i install the MMpack 1.51 the phone says to me “error in the certificate” and alertme says the same thing. I’ve installed the latest version iof python..

    Please help me i really want to use your program and i will be proud to show to my friend your fantastic product… thank you

  6. Ed

    Hi ! How come i can download it, but when i turn it on. It wont work.I press the icon it disappears and back to the icon, nothing happens. Of course i have the RD Plug- in accellerometer. Can you help me? Ed

  7. patitow

    i cant install the megaPyModulePack 1.5.2, it says impossible to install a protected file from unsecure dealer, and i used to have python working fine, and this application sends me an CERTIFICATE ERROR PLEASE CONTACT APPLICATION DISTRIBUTOR… what do i do? i have all app manager on all and disabled to search online…. thnx…

  8. admin

    first of all u need to hack ur phone for unsigned apps. as i have said before and u need to install mmpack 1.5.2 if u r getting an error while installing which says upgrading error u need to uninstall accelerometer modules before installing or uncheck accelerometer modules from installation list


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