AlertMe 2.0 : Password Protection Added!

You know alertme was not enough protective withouth password protection.
And in this version i added a password protection ability to alertme

in this version:

i put another alert sound instead of old one.because old one’s size was so big.
Background Changed.
and i put all setting buttons together under settings menu.
default password is “0”

16 thoughts on “AlertMe 2.0 : Password Protection Added!

  1. SAL

    The password protection keep always go back to the difualt (0) even i try to change it manytime ..
    but seams don’t want work ..but the rest its good

    You did good job


  2. Reg

    Works great but when it goes off all you have to do is press the hangup button and it stops, bypassing the password apart from that great little app, Thanks

  3. SAL

    Hey Ahmet ,

    can you plz , if you don’t mind to tell me where i can find the mif file
    if you don’t mind i want change the AmertMe program icon ..
    As i instual it at my N95 and it had no icon only the python type icon ..
    i find the bck.jpg and the wve file but not the mif to change that ..

    Thanks bro
    My Best wishes

  4. dario

    Hi, as many other apps using the accelerometer, also this one doesn’t work on the nokia 5500. Can you post the original python script so that maybe someone is able to modify it and make it work on this device too?

  5. mclightning

    u can find the app. icon at “c:resourceapps” folder
    name of mif file was something like english_f00002.mif
    5500 hasn’t got a accelerometer sensor
    it has only tapping sensor

  6. andrew

    hi m8 it starts 2 open then it stops,i have put python 1,4,4 and mmpack 1,51 in but it still will not work 4 me :(

  7. Lanpetpet

    Thankz 4 yr useful staff’s perfect.
    By the way, i try 2 change the background with mine by overwrited existing bck.jpg into E:resourceapp, unfortunely it can’t.why??


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