AlertMe 1.1

Few days ago i decided to make an app. like nalertme because i get bored of waiting samir to release it.And today my project’s finished.It’s even announced in on the homepage in news.

AlertMe is a mobile python app. to protect your phone from thiefs.With this app. you can set your phone to a constant position.Then when you press start button app. starts to protect your phone from thiefs by alarming.

When somebody or a thief try to move your phone app. will immediately alert with a loud sound.

Download(Alertme 1.1)

Download Python 1.4.4

Download MMPACK 1.51


  • One these phones:n95,n82,n95 8gb,n96
  • Latest Python Version And MMPACK installed on phone.


While installing MMPACK it’s giving an error like “Update Fail”.

  • Please be sure that there is no older version of mmpack installed on your phone.

App.’s installed but when i press the app. icon just a white screen appear then it’s dissappear.

  • That means you didn’t install the app. to the same memory with the python.You should install the app. to the memory that you installed python before.

How To Use:

  • Open the app. and put your phone to a constant position then press the “Save Pos.” button.
  • After pressing save position button app. will start protection when you press “Start”.


  • High Sensitivity
  • Exit Buttons
  • Background Size

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