After A Long Time

I’m just tired of writing articles that starts with “it has been a long time etc.”.Because i dont like writing so much.Anyway i’m trying to write as soon as i have free time.

So… There are a lot to write.

Lets get started with my first application for Maemo OS.It’s a simple application that calculate degree of a right triangle with a two given data.After a couple of “Hello World” application i just wanted to do something myself.Then this application came up.Infact this is not something new i generally use that right triangle angle calculator function when i learn a new programming language and if i dont have any software ideas.

And… It has been almost two months that i spent with The Nokia N810 tablet.I’m thinking to write a summary of my experiences with this device.Maybe that may help maemo beginners to use their devices with its all capabilities.

By the way i had a problem on my n95 8gb.It was always asking date and time after every restart.I had asked about this on so many discussion board.They said that i had to change its capacitor which saves date and time and i didnt do that.But however after a month it fixed itself i guess :) . It keeps date and time data now.

And.. i had a problem about 3d problem about my ATI video driver.It was causing errors in all 3d softwares such as 3dsmax , NaturalMotion etc. Last weekend i figured out how to fix this problem.i found  that error is happening on firmwares newer than 5.3.1. anyway …

You know i was going to interact my arduino with N810.After a long tiring hardship , I found that my hand-made arduino is not one of the supported devices and that project turned into a disappointment :(.This disappointment cost me about 15bucks , I wish I had bought that roll-up keyboard instead of that usb-serial converter .

By the way, I designed a wrist-case for n810 which I inspired by computer of the orion hacker in chuck the tv serie.I didnt make it.But i make another case to protect screen against stylus-scratches.Because it may cause serious scratches when you try to draw pictures or something in MyPaint or GIMP.

These are the issues of month as far as I remember.Also you can learn more about me from my twitter account.

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